Our Story

We were guided by a dream: to let every single tile of those perfectly preserved floors tell a story embroidered to measure and colored in warm tones of amber yellow and rust red. In the background, the center of Sciacca, with its typical hubbub of a southern land facing the Mediterranean.

Finally, believing strongly in the importance of memory, we decided that each of the five rooms would bear the name of a grandmother, because it is to them, too, that we feel we owe what we are today.

Ignazio and Simone

We are Ignazio and Simone, a couple who, after years of work experience, decided to join forces in a project together. Starting from the revaluation of what we have, our main desire is to create a network of realities similar and close to ours, in an attempt to enhance, protect and promote the identities of the territory, always keeping the concept of community very high.

Domus Aleria was born in this way, out of an unconditional love for this house and this land.

To reevaluate these rooms, we preferred unobtrusive materials such as glass and plasterboard that characterize the construction of the bathroom structures, along with the exposed cabinets and bar corners. The chromaticities and tones of the tiles consequently influenced the colors of the bathroom linings and bed frames, the only "poetic license" applied, for understandable reasons.

To preserve the strong aesthetic-affective value of the house, we preferred indigenous furniture elements and salvaged material, side by side with contemporary design pieces strictly in keeping with the nature of the original context. A strong point is definitely represented by the restoration and revaluation of the house's original objects such as chairs, curtains and ceramics.