This was the name by which grandmother Nina, the municipal midwife, was known to all.

This was his home. Here, at any hour of the day or night, someone came to ask for his help because a new life had decided to come into the world.

Everything had remained there, stopped in time, until 2020, when together with my partner we decided to leave Rome behind and move to the sea. Hence the idea of ​​adapting the house to a place that could accommodate people who want to take a break from their everyday life.

We let ourselves be guided by a dream: to let every single tile of those perfectly preserved floors tell you a story embroidered to measure and colored with the warm tones of amber yellow and rust red. In the background, the center of Sciacca, with its typical shouting of a southern land overlooking the Mediterranean.

Finally, strongly believing in the importance of memory, we decided that each of the five rooms would bear the name of a grandmother, because it is to them too, that deep down, we feel we owe what we are today.


The property occupies the second floor of a historic building located in one of the two main streets of the center, and finds its strength in the typical style of the buildings of the early twentieth century: on the whole, the original floors in perfectly preserved cement tiles, the high ceilings and the the liberty style windows.

Over the years, disuse was starting an inevitable process of deterioration. Hence the idea of upgrading the apartment in full respect of its nature. This led to the design of an accommodation facility consisting of five rooms that could accommodate people wishing to immerse themselves in past atmospheres with the help of more modern comforts.

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We are a "Widespread Museum", it means that we are open and that every element of our city, including the people with their stories, are the great treasure we want to offer to those who come to visit us. The best way to get to know us is to use all the senses: the taste of our food, the colors of our lands, the sounds of our voices, the works of our hands, the scents of our fruits. A uniqueness that you will never forget.